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Reactivity in dogs

There are so many reasons why dogs are reactive or become reactive.  It helps to know the exact moment or experience that caused it in the first place, but we don't know the majority of time.   That does not mean that your dog can not be helped.   

It is stressful to live with a reactive dog, but it does not have to be.  You CAN live in harmony with your reactive dog if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.  Once you have learned those skills, you can start to help your dog become more comfortable in his own skin, and less defensive.   

Start here

Wrapping your head around all the Why's, Do's and Dont's are overwhelming.  The My Reactive Dog and I workshops give you and your reactive dog a starting point.   There are two online interactive workshops and digital handouts and programmes that you can work through with your dog in your own time and comfort. 

When you and your dog are ready, you can start with a practical counterconditioning and desensitisation programme.  If you are not in Doggo Genius' service area, we can refer you to another qualified and certified professional closer to you.

Online Workshop Dates:

Part 1:  Friday, 20 January at 17:00 pm

Part 2:  Friday, 27 January at 17:00 pm

R500 per person (for both sessions)

Email us to sign up.

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