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The Full Story

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My reactive dog and I, is a behavioural therapy workshop for dogs who can not join a group class.  The workshop is online, so that the dog/s and owners can learn and work with their dogs in a comfortable environment, at their own pace.

There are two online sessions, each session is two hours long.   During the first online session dog owners will learn:

  • What is reactivity and why is my dog being reactive?

  • How can my response affect my dog’s response?

  • Body language, triggers and thresholds.

  • Rewards for reactive dogs.

  • Two training programmes for homework.


During the second session, dog owners will learn:

  • Living with a reactive dog, management techniques.

  • Activities for the dog/owner team that does not involve triggers

  • Two training programmes for homework

  • The next steps for you and your dog.

Workshop date:  Part 1:  20 January at 17:00 pm. Part 2:  27 January at 17:00 pm

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