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Life Skills Plus

A  five-week programme following up on the Puppy course.   Social teens or adult dogs who have not attended puppy training can also join this course, however, for these dogs and their owners, the course will be for six weeks.  We swiftly go over the foundation skills and then start working on the more advanced versions.

Course content and teaching methods are in line with international dog training and behavioural regulation bodies such as the PPG and the IMDT.  

When dogs reach adolescence their social needs change and they carry that into adulthood.  Because their needs change, their behaviour also changes, especially when they are on leash.   In this course, we help dog owners understand on leash social skills in order to prevent on leash reactivity as much as possible.  We also help owners address the onset of on leash reactivity in adolescent dogs.   We do a lot of tolerance work with the dogs, emergency skills and very helpful leash skills for owners. We also look at normal adolescent behaviour and the prevention of unwanted behaviours.

There is currently not any teenage classes available.

Group class venue:  The Links Bridge Club. 143 - 145 Tenth Street. Linksfield, JHB

Course Break Down


Foundation behaviours

Sit, Down, Stand

Recall, Wait, Reflex to name

Loose Leash Walking

Hand targeting


Progress on Foundations

Various Loose Leash Walking exercises.

Advanced Leave It

Send Aways and targeting

Various recall exercises

On leash Social skills

Shaping games

Leash Skills (for owners)


Vital skills for a social dog

Webinar on canine body language and defensive behaviour.

Appropriate on leash social skills and interactions.

First Day of School Photos
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