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Puppy Classes

The puppy classes and the foundations course have more or less the same content.  The foundations course is for social dogs of all ages and include the foundation skills puppies learn.  Both courses are very comprehensive, covering basic obedience, life skills, confidence building, leash skills and prevention, or addressing common behavioural issues.

These are rolling classes, which means there is not specific starting date, but at the end of your six-week course, you and your pup would have completed the full course.  Puppies can start from 10 weeks of age, as long as it's been 10-days after their first vaccination.   


Sundays: from 10:30 am 

Group class venue:  The Links Bridge Club. 143 - 145 Tenth Street. Linksfield, JHB

Course Break Down


Basic obedience

A.K.A Foundation skills.








Life Skills

Loose Leash Walking

Targeting: Hand Touch

Targeting: Send Aways

Toilet training

Leave it

Problem Solving

Social skills


Behaviour management

Jumping Up

Biting human hands & feet

Isolation anxiety

Destructive behaviours

Food guarding prevention

Tolerance / impulse control

First Day of School Photos
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