I am a qualified, accredited dog trainer,  having worked with all types of scenarios from hand raising orphaned puppies, rehabilitating severely neglected and traumatised dogs, working with highly aggressive and reactive dogs, training shelter staff and teaching vital skills to help pet dogs and their owners live their best lives together.    All of this is done by using a mindful, force-free philosophy and modern scientific training techniques.

Continues development

It is essential for anyone who works with sentient beings to continuously develop skills and acquire the knowledge that will assist in setting animals and their humans up for as much success as possible, as well as my own personal growth.

Initially, my formal qualifications were done through various institutes such as COAPE, IMDT and School of Canine Science.     Since then and currently I do various short courses and workshops to stay updated with the latest knowledge and findings.   I also facilitate courses for Pet Sense College, an online animal behaviour college. 

As a member of the IMDT and PPG, who are pet professional regulating bodies, it is also required of me to do a certain amount of learning every year.