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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Genius programme is a six-week course, and one of the most comprehensive courses you will find.  Each class is an hour long, including vital skills a pup need to set him up for success for his adult life.

This course include:  Foundation behaviours, life skills, behaviour management, enrichment, social skills, confidence building and responsiveness training.

Puppies can join 10-days after their first vaccination. There is no specific starting date, your puppy can start anytime if there's space.

Get your pup set for life, e-mail us to enroll. 

Doggo-tivities programme

Our Doggo-tivities course is a follow up from the Puppy Genius course.  All dogs who have completed their foundation course are welcome to join us.

In this programme we focus on on-leash tolerance towards other dogs,  advanced loose leash walking,  leash and handling skills for dog owners,  CGC Bronze and Silver exercises, making good decisions  and behaviour management.

This course do have a specific starting date, unlike the Puppy Genius programme.  Contact us for more information.


1 - 1 Training sessions

1-1 training or behaviour consultations are available in our service areas, or take place at our venue, depending on what training is needed.  

Rates and information are available upon request. 

Send us an e-mail or complete our contact form.

Workshops etc.

Information for our online training opportunities can be found on our Resources Page