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Advanced life skills classes

Doggo-tivities is a  six-week programme and is the follow-up to the Puppy / Foundations course.   It has a specific starting date and does not have rolling classes because the training is a bit more specialised.

When dogs reach adolescence their social needs change and they carry that into adulthood.  Because their needs change, their behaviour also changes, especially when they are on leash.   In this course, we help dog owners understand on leash social skills in order to prevent on leash reactivity as much as possible.  We also help owners address the onset of on leash reactivity in adolescent dogs.   We do a lot of tolerance work with the dogs, emergency skills and very helpful leash skills for owners. During this course, we also focus on using rewards other than food, that are more functional in our day to day lives.   We also look at normal adolescent behaviour and the prevention of unwanted behaviours.

Course Break Down


Progressive Obedience

Advanced wait

Heelwork (for emergencies)

Functional rewards

Emergency turns



Advanced Life Skills

Advanced Loose Leash Walking

Advanced Leave It

Problem Solving

On leash Social skills

Trick training


Behaviour management

Jumping Up

Tolerance / impulse control

Prevention: reactivity

Calming exercises

Leash and handling skills

How to enroll

Submit the following via e-mail:

  • Your completed enrollment form

  • A copy of your dog's vaccination record (vaccinations done by vet).

  • Proof of Payment, done at least 48-hours before your first class. 

Email us for rates and an enrolment form.

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