1 - 1 Training sessions

Service areas: Linksfield, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni, Brakpan.

Private training sessions are held at the Links Bridge club or at the dog's home, depending on the training or behaviour therapy required.  Dogs who can not cope in a class situation due to reactivity or over-arousal are accommodated with private sessions instead.   

Online sessions are also available, we do have various live workshops already, so feel free to hop over to our Home School section to see which one you'd like to join.   

One on one services


Obedience & life skills

Foundation skills and progressive obedience skills are taught along with  basic and advanced life skills. 

Meeting dog and owner where they are at, and building their skills up while helping them to create a relationship based on trust.



Assisting with:  pain management, stress release, anxiety, grounding exercises, body awareness, spatial awareness, reactivity, relaxation, confidence, mobility, balance, touch sensitivity, co-operation skills, building trust and low stress handling techniques.


Behaviour therapy

Changing unwanted behaviours and teaching appropriate ones.   Assistance with fearful, reactive, hyper aroused, bored dogs.

Owner education in body language, effective training, building trust and basic canine behaviour to help understand the dogs' needs. 

How to sign up

Submit the following via e-mail:

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  • Availability for training sessions

Email me for rates and an enrolment form.